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23705, yes. n/m
Posted by wbgirl, Mon Jul-10-00 11:45 AM

between this and the (re), Chicago in 2001 will be on some whole new fantabulous shyt! (c) me

"grown woman's manifesto"

"you have to FEEL the huggy!"--TRoyal
"some wouldn't know pleasure if it smacked them on the arse."--Raina

Ju-Lie as Fake Quote Month:
"i'm giving up drinking. hell, i'ma even give up being a pimp...i'ma go be a ho and see how the other half lives."--lordladypharr

"no thanks--i don't smoke weed."--J_Sun

"the smut phoenix is retiring...i'ma go back to nyc and join a convent and start praying all day and shit!"--didi

"i'm nice to everybody."--sonyasimone