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Topic subjectRE: Eff a Republican and Eff a Democrat..........
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23696, RE: Eff a Republican and Eff a Democrat..........
Posted by janey, Mon Jul-10-00 04:18 AM
Okay, I agree that the pool of candidates sucks. But what about the other issues-- let your voice be heard -- there are always things on the ballot that directly affect you and your community. What about those bond issues? You think, who cares about some bonds? Sometimes bonds are used to raise money to improve or build schools, sometimes for prisons, sometimes to build a new bridge or freeway. Ask yourself whether YOU want your city or state to use tax money that way (because all most bonds do is borrow against future tax payments by YOUR community). If not, vote no.

You would be surprised how much impact one vote can have on local issues.

You know what they say -- think globally, act locally.