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Topic subjectgo here to find black business
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23654, go here to find black business
Posted by spirit, Thu Jul-20-00 06:11 AM
minorityinterest.com...it's a web site coming soon that bills itself as the place to go to find minority owned businesses...peep how they describe themselves...

"The mission of minorityinterest.com is to build the premier online resource center for minorities and minority-owned businesses. minorityinterest.com will promote responsible commerce to minorities in the areas of education, healthcare and personal and business finance. minorityinterest.com will also establish an arena for commerce and procurement in which minority-owned businesses will be able to interact with Fortune 1000 Companies as well as Government agencies. In an effort to accomplish our mission,
minorityinterest.com will provide Internet connectivity through the use of its “mio.net” URL, combining that service with a low-cost high-quality computer, leading the effort to bridge the digital divide while providing
access to our resources."

Well, peep that out....they have a place where you can leave your e-mail addy so they can inform you when the site comes online later this summer.

Spread love,


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The funniest exchange on Okayplayer this month (from a Cali Agents thread)

WTFxSTFU writes...

Rasco really ruined the lp for me, I dont understand how he gets jocked like he does. He's so wack. Some of the lines he throws really make me sick. But Planet Asia is dope. - WTFxSTFU

Rasco responds....

thanks for the $16.00 yours truly the wack rapper.