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Topic subjectRE: Can you Buy Black?
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23653, RE: Can you Buy Black?
Posted by spirit, Thu Jul-13-00 05:29 PM
This brings up an interesting question: is there a place on the Web where black folks can connect with other black businesses to buy vital products and services? If not, why not? Surely someone on here knows HTML. Let's build, people. spirit68@aol.com is the e-mail. i can't help with the tech stuff, but I'm a heck of a writer (verbally). Any takers? Hit me up...

Spread love,


9 out of 10 people with two arms find something interesting about http://www.theamphibians.com
This summer: new audio, same odd sense of humor. Don't get "left" out, mossie your two-armed self on over and check it out.
The funniest exchange on Okayplayer this month (from a Cali Agents thread)

WTFxSTFU writes...

Rasco really ruined the lp for me, I dont understand how he gets jocked like he does. He's so wack. Some of the lines he throws really make me sick. But Planet Asia is dope. - WTFxSTFU

Rasco responds....

thanks for the $16.00 yours truly the wack rapper.