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Topic subjectK.Orr, You Should Move
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23651, K.Orr, You Should Move
Posted by nushooz, Thu Jul-13-00 08:20 AM
Do the best you can with what you got. Use what opportunities you can to BUY BLACK. Do some more research.

Check this out:

My OB- Black Woman
Dentist - Black Woman
General Physician - Black Woman
Car Detailer - Black Business
Almot EVERY peice of BLACK art/pictures/figurines/scultpure..... bought from other Blacks. (Buy ALL Black culture items from Black people if you can - How somebody that don't look like you, gonna sell you you?)
Florist - Black woman
Dayna's Shoes - Black Retail
Restaraunts - Quite a few. But can't nobody do soul food like somebody WITH some soul!
Even in Eckerd's and Walgreens, I only buy greeting cards with Black folk on them. Sure, some other person may profit but so have I.

It aint easy, brah. But we GOTTA do it as often as we can and BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

P.S.: Come to our discussion titled "Do you buy asian"

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