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Topic subjectJohnson's & Johnson's is black owned?
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23648, Johnson's & Johnson's is black owned?
Posted by nahymsa, Thu Jul-13-00 08:32 AM
Black businesses will take the money of ANYBODY.

The problem is getting our foot in the door & then getting racists people to buy from us when they have their own to buy from. Why would they do that unless they have no choice?

That's the only reason we buy white, we have no alternatives for the most part. We buy from people who don't welcome us EVERYDAY....and their spots scream "white owned" and damn near "nigga keep out". Matter of fact, we'll sue to have the opportunity to give our money to people that hate us. So on that area, please give me a break....I don't think that announcing that a business is blackowned is making nonblacks feel unwelcomed.

That's not going to happen..often.

We can support ourselves & our communities decently with black commerce. yeah, there will be sacrifices in certain areas but there's no progress without sacrifice.

ANother issue is that we don't own standards such as utility companies, etc.

Those industries though will be very difficult to break into, the monopoly is already in affect (see WTO). I don't know how we overcome that.