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23645, I think........
Posted by BurbKnight, Thu Jul-13-00 06:10 AM
I think the main problem is..... most of the black owned businesses only cater to one customer, "Black People"....

If our businesses, would produce products for everyone then we would prosper a lot more....

Another thing is, we will openly state everytime "THIS IS A BLACK OWNED BUSINESS".... well, automatically that tells everyone except black people "YOU AREN'T WELCOME"...... I mean how many ties have you heard a business say "THIS IS A WHITE OWNED BUSINESS" or "THIS IS AN ASIAN OWNED BUSINESS".... hardly ever.

I think business owner need to quite focusing on the fact that they are blackk owned and just do their business.

Look at Johnson & Johnson, it's a black owned business, but they don't publicize that ish because what does it matter? It just helps our statistics a little, which is a good thing, but we must take a different approach.

We must do our jobs and cater to everyone.

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