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Topic subjectBooks on this subject?
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23643, Books on this subject?
Posted by incogx, Fri Jul-21-00 04:22 PM
I’m feelin’ you 100%. I already try to do much of what you suggested but I could always know more. What are the names of some books or websites on this subject? Anyone? Thanks, I appreciate it.

1ne Love,
Mr Marcus

If anywon wan reach de badmon --> e me
at (smoovecog@aol.com)


“I never call you my b*tch or even my
boo/ there’s so much in a name and so
much more in you”...Common

“from amistad to amadou, attacked in the
streets/ the term cop really stands for
cappin’ our peeps” ...Tiye Phoenix

“no trees grow in brooklyn/ seeds need
to be planted/ i’m askin’ if yall feel
me & the crowd left me stranded”
...talib kweli

saying being hardline is what it takes/
to take life/ hiding behind your iconic
shield representing cowardice/ we as a
people need to cower less ...Vet

put me in ur corner if u wish/ but i'll
just be makin side notes on how/ f*ckin
is fundamental/ how to get corporate
america to fund tha mentals

“my wallet must be fully loaded/
semi-automatic/ justification of
assassination/ 41 shots licked quick
some miss but...they all hit