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Topic subjecttwo sides to every coin
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23642, two sides to every coin
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-21-00 03:56 PM
See Krewcial, we're not all evil free-market devils!!

I'll be the first to admit that capitalism has it's faults, but I also think that a free market economy is the best way to go (actually, the only way to go in today's world). I'm not against socialism, per se, I just don't think it can work. I think that this core difference in thinking is what led to our previous arguements (that you kicked my ass in, by the way-I had little idea what I was talking about our first go 'round before the Activist Board existed).

Anyway, I believe that we're too far removed from our ancestors' way of life to revert back to socialism, and as such I'm trying to live my life as an "eco-capitalist", for lack of a better term. After I graduate I hope to make millions finding ways to make socially and environmentally aware companies profitable. And since I never plan on spending that much, most of my future millions will go to various causes that I support (wishful thinking-yes, I probably won't make millions, but if I did.....)

Um... were was I going with this? Oh yeah-I believe that I can create more positive change in this world by working within the capitalist system in place than by resisting it with an outdated ideology. To wit: who would you rather have as a major decision maker of a powerful multinational corporation, a greedy uncaring self-serving rat or someone who is, as you put it, conscious? That's my goal: to promote my causes within capitalism.

That may have been long-winded and idealistic, but hopefully it answered your question.

I appreciate that you responded to suggestions as you did-I was kind of expecting to get jumped on for being a hypocrite, but hopefully I explained myself well enough for you to understand where I'm coming from (well, maybe not since I don't even know where I'm coming from yet).


All great truths begin as blasphemies.
--George Bernard Shaw