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23640, cars and shoes
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-21-00 12:19 PM

I know, I know. I hate used car shopping for that very reason: you never know what you're gonna get. (just like chocolates in boxes, haha! nevermind...)


True, true, I understand that. I wouldn't really recommend fasting though unless you really know what you're doing since that can mess with your body (I'm thinking in the "i gotta lose 5 lbs fast" sense, not the "it's Ramadan, time to fast" sense)


Country, city, I'm adapted to either. I've found that it can actually be harder to live environmnetally when living in the country because you can so easily take it for granted. Just ask Canadians.


Yeah yeah, the hunters were pretty bad at hunting in our cro-magnon days, but they tried their best, and isn't that all that counts? I'm still gonna eat meat on the daily, though. Also, I have no problem with women bringing home the bacon (or rather, bringing home the carrots in this situation). More time for me to bang rocks together and hope they make a charp edge.

And don't be sorry about Berny, I got paid well. Although it still didn't cover the cost of his food and time spent caring for him. No wonder we had to move to the city, profit margins for small family farms just stopped being able to cut it in the early 90s. Oh well, agriculture is the bane of civilization. We'd all be better off as hunter/gatherers, IMHO.

All great truths begin as blasphemies.
--George Bernard Shaw