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Posted by guest, Thu Jul-20-00 05:33 PM
>If you're thinking about a car,
>what about one of those
>electric/gas hybrids?

I can barely afford a used car that runs on unleaded in my price range, so this is out :-(

>if you don't
>earn enough income to pay
>taxes, you shouldn't worry about
>tax deferred income yet.

I pay taxes! Not much yet, but enough to make me think about the benefits of an IRA.

>use www.abebooks.com

Thanks, I'll check that out.

>You know, it's even more fun
>to raise 'em as pets
>and then butcher them yourself
>in a satanic ritual, particularly
>if you have recently learned
>that they are cancerous.

I had a pet sheep once, it's name was Berny. Then I sold it at a 4-H auction. Mutton is good food. I used to have lamb steak for breakfast. Farm living did have it's advantages..... too bad it didn't make any money so we had to move become city folks.

>True too that crackers taste yummy
>when you're starving. Gotta
>keep the edge.

I don't mean to take simple living to that extreme, although if that works for you.....
It's just the little things like cooking your dinner instead of going to McDonald's or reading a book instead TV, or going for a bike ride instead of TV.... they save you money, time, and are just plain nice.

>Bless you velo keepin it real
>in the wilds of the
>pacific northwest.


All great truths begin as blasphemies.
--George Bernard Shaw