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Posted by janey, Thu Jul-20-00 03:39 PM
>>I don't own a car
>Me niether.

If you're thinking about a car, what about one of those electric/gas hybrids? I have a friend with one and my sis & her husband are thinking about buying one. Hmmmm.

>I'm thinking of using an IRA
>or a Roth IRA, not
>sure yet.

But I didn't realize that you're in college still. Some people start saving for retirement in college, but tax deferral is most key once you start earning a relatively large paycheck. If you're still a deduction on your parents' 1040 or if you don't earn enough income to pay taxes, you shouldn't worry about tax deferred income yet. Leave that for a couple of years.

>No TV for me, I never
>bought one after I moved
>out of my parent's house.
> Alas, I'm thinking of
>getting one of those TV/VCR
>combos for watching movies and
>to take advantage of the
>free cable in the dorms.
> What can I say?
> There are a few
>channels that I like.
>Have mercy on my soul.
> But I'll still take
>a book over South Park

Well then, your heart's in the right place. Me, I have to go to bars in order to watch playoff games.

>>FROM AMAZON because they do
>>not support literacy and they
>>are not connected to your community.
>I'm guilty of this one, I
>buy from Amazon alot since
>it's so cheap and easy
>to find books. I
>need to start looking for
>some local bookstores.

The other thing that people say is that amazon is easy because you never have to leave the house. If that's any part of your rationale, use www.abebooks.com -- it's a consortium of independent used bookstores. You're going to pay less for the book than at amazon because it's used (which is in line with the rest of your thinking, anyway), and you will support independent bookstores, which is a big issue for me. Independent merchants of any kind, but books in particular because they're my thang ya know?

>Gotta have a printer to go
>with my computer, it's like
>peas and carrots, or something
>like that.

Or broccoli. Sorry, I didn't realize that you were referring to a comic strip. :-)

>Here are a few more little
>things I thought of:
>-Borrow as much as possible instead
>of buying.

If you can borrow money from your friends, they won't usually charge interest so you can leave your own money in those high interest cds

>-once again, since it's the most
>important: DON'T BUY STUFF YOU

Or you could buy things that I need and send them to me.

>-even though she may sound good,
>pay no attention to Matha

Martha has never sounded good to me. I give her all credit for being a completely self made woman, but you think that anyone that rich does their own composting? Forget it. She's a fake.

>-cook your own meals. eating
>out is expensive and unhealthy.
> veggies and wholesale meats
>are inexpensive. If you
>have the storage for it,
>buy a whole cow (or
>pig, or whatever) from an
>auction or ranch and have
>it butchered.

You know, it's even more fun to raise 'em as pets and then butcher them yourself in a satanic ritual, particularly if you have recently learned that they are cancerous.

>-hold out doing your laundry as
>long as possible, and then
>squeeze three loads into one

Well, if you own your own washer, you'll make that TWO loads, not three because you won't want to break your own property.

> To make the plan
>work better, buy more underwear.

You should have at least three weeks worth. Or even better, don't wear underwear.

>-Don't get sick.

Or if you do get sick, there's always suicide, which fluctuates between being free and being cheap in comparison to the cost of healthcare.

>-slow down. realize that you
>don't need the latest technology
>to live a happy life.

Tell me about it baby I don't own a computer -- I use the one they give me at work.

> take pleasure in simple
>things and eventually you'll be
>weaned off your dependance for
>material things (I'm getting there,
>and it feels... nice)

True too that crackers taste yummy when you're starving. Gotta keep the edge.

Bless you velo keepin it real in the wilds of the pacific northwest.