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Posted by janey, Thu Jul-20-00 02:12 PM
>Here are a few that I
>-take a backpack or duffle bag
>to carry groceries

I have this great canvas bag that is the perfect size

>-drive your bike (or skateboard, or
>whatever) for anything under 10

C'mon, you own a car? I don't own a car

>-keep windows open and use natural
>light instead of electricity

I keep the windows closed in the winter.
:-( I leave a light on for the cats.



>-invest a set percentage of earnings
>so that I can buy
>a house/car/retire/whatever later rather than
>spend it on useless stuff
>now (also, you can invest
>in mutual funds that only
>support green and socially conscious

Yup - good one - think about using your company 401(k) if you can b/c (1) the savings are pre-tax dollars which means that it's not as painful as savings from net pay and (2) you don't have to wait until you retire for access to it - there's changes proposed (or hell, maybe enacted by now) to the tax laws that will allow you to withdraw for first house, education, blah blah.

>-turn off the TV and read
>a book, thus avoiding dumb
>programming AND alluring TV ads

C'mon, you own a TV?
Okay, I do, too, but the antenna's broken, and I don't get cable -- I use it as a video player. It lives in the closet unless I am actually watching a movie. Yup -- I read. Good and good for you.

>-make lists when you go shopping
>to help avoid impulse buying

Yup. Also prevents you from having to go back to the store to get what you forgot to buy while you were giving in to impulses and preventing that return trip cuts down on additional impulse purchases that would have been made on the second round....

>-carpool or use public transportation

Yup. Dump that car!

>-support small businesses (ie buying veggies
>from the Saturday market or
>family owned store instead of
>Safeway/ going to the local
>indy CD store instead of
>HMV or Best Buy)

Same thing with book stores. Buy used and buy independent and DO NOT PURCHASE BOOKS FROM AMAZON because they do not support literacy and they are not connected to your community.

>-give away my old Nike's and
>clothes instead of trashing them

Yup. Don't forget that this can be tax deductible.

>-print out drafts and other stuff
>on the clean side of
>previously printed out stuff
C'mon, you have a printer?.....:-)