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Topic subjectresisting capitalism in everyday life
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23630, resisting capitalism in everyday life
Posted by krewcial, Wed Jul-19-00 11:48 PM
Here's how I try to resist materialism/consumerism/capitalism in my daily life.

These are small, easy-to-do things. This list is far from complete. Add your hints, please !

.Not buying products that have been made
under poor conditions (a lot of the tea we
drink has been reeped by Chinese prisoners
who are forced to work for the Chinese
government for free), this means checking the
origin of both product and background of the
company. There's books on this, where you
can find which companies are ok, and which
aren't. The Net provides plenty of info too.

.Supporting products that have been made
under decent working conditions, such as
African cooperative farmer organisations,
fair trade bananas and coffee.

. Taking your own plastic bag(s) when you go shopping, or use paper bags,

. Buying drinks in glass bottles (no plastic, no aliminium cans),

. Using shampoo, toothpaste... that hasn't been tested on animals,

. Using cleaning products that are bio-degradable,

. Using cotton handkerchiefs instead of paper ones,

. Never buying those 'mini-snicker family packs' (you buy more packaging than snickers !),

. Buying fresh vegetables and fruit, not canned,

. Not having the tap running while you're brushing your teeth,

. Not having your (central) heating system on when you're not home,

. Keeping rooms that have their heating switched on closed,

. Not using a car for distances less than 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) (unless you have to transport a fridge and it's raining, of course hey, I'm not a beast !)

. Switching off the light in the hall when you leave,

. Not defrosting food by putting it in the microwave, but by taking it out the freezer the night before and putting it in the fridge (this way, your fridge will first use the 'cold energy' of the frozen food before using electricity),

. By putting a filled water bottle inside your toilet-reservoir, this means you can flush using less water (make sure there's still enough to flush all the excrements though, or you'll end up with an 'Angieee doodoo-situation' )

. Switching off your computer screen if you're downloading that 214 MB file with your 28.8 modem
and not doing anything else on your PC,

. Not always having all equipment in your studio switched on,

. Buying second hand if possible,

. Skipping GMO's (Genetically Manipulated Organisms). Check http://www.truefoodnow.org and http://www.greenpeace.org/worldwide.shtml for more info and tips.

Not only do you save money this way, but it can also be a start to consume less, to be more aware of our environment and our responsibility as inhabitant of this planet.




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