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Topic subjectRE: who's responsible?
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23628, RE: who's responsible?
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-21-00 06:59 PM
>I can't decide whether or
>how it needs to be
>changed. The way it's
>set up, that is.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. This
is the question I'm essentially asking.
What are the resolutions? Not the symptoms.
How do we change it, not just the system
itself but our own viewpoint on this.

>Ask yourself whether it is
>appropriate for the wrongly accused,
>the innocent. Because that's the
>test that matters. And if
>the answer is "No, we
>should not beat innocent people,"
>then we have to do
>everything in our power to
>stop the beating of the
>worst criminal.

I agree, but in the event that there is a violent perpetrator, not suspected, but caught in the act(not talking about planted evidence, etc. 'cause that's just some other shit), how does the police department apprehend the suspect without using of excessive force?

I'm stuck on the fault line!