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Topic subjectRE: Poor Joshua.
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23626, RE: Poor Joshua.
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-21-00 07:22 PM
>Maybe on the justice level you
>might be right. But
>legally, the city had a
>duty to protect its citizen,
>the child in this case,
>and it failed to meet
>its duty.

That's what we're talking about here, or at least I am. You can only really be judged by God. This and the fact that people do not take responsibility for their actions or lack there of.

>On the real, the mother should
>have died before letting her
>child come to any harm,
>but life isn't about justice
>and symmetry. That is
>why we have laws.

Absolutely! Those are terms are man made. We have laws as social constraints. Laws are not necessarily right. But in my eyes, the mother should have done something more than participating either by hitting(I'm not sure if that was the case) or by remaining silent.

>She could have been physically abused
>also. She could have
>been terrified of her boyfriend.
> It happens.

Yes it happens, but does that make it right?
Physical and mental abuse is a fucked up thing, but it is still no excuse to watch your own suffer.

>The govt is of your

The gov't is and has been out of the hands of the people for quite some time. Remember this was NEVER a democracy. A Republic, yes, but democracy, no.

> >Where does it all end? People
>>are the problem. We just
>>perpetuate things.
>So why not kill all the
>people, so we don't have
>this problem.

I'm looking for solutions here, not some ish.
Come correct or don't come at all. People and their mentalities have been constructed, morphed, destroyed, and rebuilt a countless number of times in our history. I am simply looking for some dialogue on the topic of 'personal responsibility' because I think if we can look at things differently than we have, things may begin to turn around. This is a positive discussion.
I hope to hear some more of your ideas though. The more peeps discuss this, well, I'm hoping that we can see the light of day.