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Topic subjectRE: Poor Joshua.
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23625, RE: Poor Joshua.
Posted by k_orr, Fri Jul-21-00 10:33 AM
>WRONG! See this is what I
>mean, who's fault is it?

Maybe on the justice level you might be right. But legally, the city had a duty to protect its citizen, the child in this case, and it failed to meet its duty.

On the real, the mother should have died before letting her child come to any harm, but life isn't about justice and symmetry. That is why we have laws.

>Regardless if this is an
>example of a case falling
>through the cracks, the city

It was probably the social worker's responsibility.

>How dare anybody say it's
>the city's fault the child
>died and try to sue,
>ESPECIALLY the mother. The mother
>played her part. If she
>really gave a damn about
>her baby, there's no reason
>that she would have stayed,

She could have been physically abused also. She could have been terrified of her boyfriend. It happens.

>under any circumstances. Sue the
>family, friends, neighbors! They are
>the ones that witnessed it
>on some levels.

The only responsibility lies with people in charge of the child. Parents and Social workers. everyone else is legally outside of that nexus.

>Then why do we want them
>to tell us how to
>raise our children?

It is us telling us how to raise our children. The govt is of your doing.

>Where does it all end? People
>are the problem. We just
>perpetuate things.

So why not kill all the people, so we don't have this problem.

k. orr