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Topic subjectRE: Poor Joshua.
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23624, RE: Poor Joshua.
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-20-00 08:05 PM
WRONG! See this is what I mean, who's fault is it? Regardless if this is an example of a case falling through the cracks, the city DID NOT KILL THE CHILD. How dare anybody say it's the city's fault the child died and try to sue, ESPECIALLY the mother. The mother played her part. If she really gave a damn about her baby, there's no reason that she would have stayed, under any circumstances. Sue the family, friends, neighbors! They are the ones that witnessed it on some levels.
Ya know, we are always saying we don't like being controlled and get pissed about the government having too much control over the masses.......
Then why do we want them to tell us how to raise our children? How to act? to discipline? to care?
Where does it all end? People are the problem. We just perpetuate things.