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Topic subjectPoor Joshua.
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23623, Poor Joshua.
Posted by k_orr, Thu Jul-20-00 03:43 AM
Now the
>mother and her family said
>it was NYC's fault and
>is suing the city for
>a ridiculous sum of money.
>Now answer me this. How
>is it the city's fault????

The social worker/child protective services is "trained" to know whether or not she should return a child to a harmful situation. Because city/state employees handle this job on a regular basis, they should have developed some sense of "This doesn't look right". This assumes a perfectly run agency. And if it's not perfectly run, it's the city's fault.

Often times there aren't enough resources to really handle a case like this. Which is really the city's fault. Which in reality is society's fault, because we as a society set up the laws and the administration of the law.

k. orr