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23621, I agree, but...
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-20-00 07:52 PM
if the man threw his hands up, and just let them take him in, would the outcome be different? I certainly don't know. But if a perp is resisting arrest and endangering not only himself and the police, but the public as well, what are the police supposed to do?
Yes, I agree that the courts are in place to distribute "just" retributions not the police, but in a case similar to this, how is an Offi-C-er supposed to take the man without force? What are the alternatives to a situation like this? I mean come on, while they were trying to hand cuff him, he bit one of the police. He exasperated the situation as well. And that is what I'm talking about. He played a role in this too. It wasn't just the police this time and I think people lose sight of it because of the relationship the public has had with the department. So where is the middle ground?