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Topic subjectRE: No music in schools..WTF?
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23615, RE: No music in schools..WTF?
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-19-00 05:39 PM
Quincy Jones makes a point that the United States never supported it artists even when they were being lavished on Europe. He holds the highest honor given to an artist in France, but he has not been recognized here and he has been in the business for at least 50 years. So, we have no music programs in the schools because our governments and states feel that it is a waste of money. If you teach music history, then you will be giving lessons on Black History because our music defines us and our movement in this country,
a country that hates us, and our black children.

If it wasn't for the arts, then I would not have developed an interest in the sciences; I hurts me when I hear kids boo B.B. King when he comes to play at some high school, or think that Puffy is a 'musician'. Artist don't take credit for other artists shit. Europeans treat jazz like classical is treated here, but what are we giving our children?

I noticed that ?uest make a point about the attitudes in Europe. Just don't give up on the real fans. We are here supporting all of our own, but we have been conditioned to treat are artists like they are disposable because we have no appreciation for the true masters.