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Topic subjectlook at the population of public schools............
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23613, look at the population of public schools............
Posted by gemini, Tue Jul-18-00 10:34 AM
Public schools are filled with children of color. So our curriculum necessarily has to cater to children of color.

If we were as evil/elitist/opportunistic as you make us (arts education programs) out to be, wouldn't we be all up in the private schools where all the "good" "well behaved" children are?

think about it: if folk were really interested in brainwashing young people of color about Eurocentric values, why not just hit up the private schools?

Your point about the push for "diversity" ushering in an "inclusive" curriculum is well taken, I just don't think you have enough ACCURATE information about music education programs (particularly those in PUBLIC schools) to make the assumptions/assessment that you're making.

Also, you place value on breaking down, "The Chronic" in a music education program, and offered it as an example of a "legitimate" approach to young people of color, but I still don't understand the usefulness of DE-VALUING teaching kids about all kinds of music. Particularly the forms of music that influenced and continue to influence hip-hop. Your assesment seems a bit limited. If you love music, you love music, so why would you advocate for a limited view/perspective on the power of music? I mean, we all love and revere hip-hop, but not to the ends of de-valuing other musical forms...........

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