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Topic subjectYeah I'm tawking to you
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23612, Yeah I'm tawking to you
Posted by k_orr, Tue Jul-18-00 09:41 AM

>You make the assumption that music
>education programs ONLY use or
>explore classical music,

And up until the push for "diversity" wasn't that the case.
>Music education programs, and all arts
>programs are essential to the
>education of young people (PARTICULARLY
>young people of color) because
>it gives kids OPTIONS and
>ALTERNATIVE ways to interpret curriculum

Interesting perspective. Could you provide some examples?

>To assume that an organization ("high
>culture" or not) is involved
>with young people only to
>"indoctrinate" them to classical music
>is a huge mistake.

what is there motivation then? I know why Nike sponsors the basketball team, and Ford donates a mustang to the senior prom, so why is the "Philharmonic" at Lincoln high?

>education programs and all arts
>education programs in public schools
>can be a wonderful supplement
>to the beauraucratic, "assesment based"
>learning that goes on in
>public schools.

Supplement perhaps, but the real problem with schools lies in the assesment based learning. Actually that's just one of the problems. But we can address those in a later post.

They help
>children use their imagination, their
>creativity, and interpretation skills in
>ways that can help nurture
>talent, improve reading and writing
>skills, the list goes on.


>So please don't make such statements,
>because it really undermines the
>hard work that a lot
>of us do on behalf
>of children. Thanks.

Most people don't know what "you" do. I need to make those statements so that you can educate others.

I am intrigued. Would you say that your org, represents the majority of what is being taught in music classrooms today?

k. orr