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Topic subjectyou tawkin to ME?!?!
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23611, you tawkin to ME?!?!
Posted by gemini, Tue Jul-18-00 08:41 AM
Well, well, well, the topic that you've just addressed applies to me because I work for one of the "high culture" organizations that you speak of...............

I just want to say that music programs do a lot more than "indoctrinate young minds" about classical music. I work for one of the larges orchestras (and oldest) in the country, and yes, it's "high culture" to the max, but to assume that we're only in the schools (PUBLIC schools at that) to "indoctrinate young minds" about "what they SHOULD be listening to" does the program itself a disservice.

You make the assumption that music education programs ONLY use or explore classical music, and that assumption is incorrect. In fact, last year, there was a world music unit in our curriculum, and we also collaborate with Jazz@Lincoln Center. Duke Ellington is just as much a part of our curriculum as Dvorak or Mendhelsson. And there is also an entire unit on Harlem and it's relelvance in terms of music and NYC.

Music education programs, and all arts programs are essential to the education of young people (PARTICULARLY young people of color) because it gives kids OPTIONS and ALTERNATIVE ways to interpret curriculum, address issues of identity and community, and also, in my experience, to explore alternative ways of BEING in the world. Regardless of the "type" of music or art that is being explored.

To assume that an organization ("high culture" or not) is involved with young people only to "indoctrinate" them to classical music is a huge mistake. Music education programs and all arts education programs in public schools can be a wonderful supplement to the beauraucratic, "assesment based" learning that goes on in public schools. They help children use their imagination, their creativity, and interpretation skills in ways that can help nurture talent, improve reading and writing skills, the list goes on.

So please don't make such statements, because it really undermines the hard work that a lot of us do on behalf of children. Thanks.

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