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Topic subjectRE: Do You believe in High culture?
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23610, RE: Do You believe in High culture?
Posted by k_orr, Tue Jul-18-00 04:10 AM
>Totally not true, some of the
>best musicians that you probably
>got on your shelf have
>went through it.

Most of the people you mention are not being taught in the vast majority of schools. I don't remember any of my teachers breaking out Poor Righteous Teacher's Easy Star (tells you when I was in high school).

> They move ya
>body and change minds and
>at times turn peoples lives.

If they do it for the better, they also do it for the worst.

>Just imagine where you would
>be without music,man come on
>and recognize.

Recognize what? Algebra and History, (even if it's his story) is more important than music.

k. orr