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Topic subjectRE: Do You believe in High culture?
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23605, RE: Do You believe in High culture?
Posted by k_orr, Tue Jul-18-00 04:06 AM
> I'm not sure that
>our society taught us that
>musicians were elite and high
>class. Pop music is where
>the money is, if you
>get a hit.

But you get no respect as a pop-musician. No one is rushing to include Britney's oop's I did it again in their music classes. For the people that run corporations and school boards, pop music (and every other music derived from the Afro-American experience) is something they almost rail against.

Classical music is indoctrination, pure and simple. I'm not saying it's bad, but the reason you hear Barber of Seville or Wagner during cartoons is because WB and others wanted to introduce it to children.

There are some good arguments for keeping music in schools. Some of which you cats mentioned. But would you have an orchestra class in place of an AP math or english class?

I'm thinking no. But maybe my priorities are different from yours.

k. orr
house of phat beats