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Topic subjectRE: Do You believe in High culture?
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23604, RE: Do You believe in High culture?
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-18-00 08:37 AM
No, no, no! I LOVE music, please do not misunderstand me :) My point was that our culture does NOT look at musicians as high class and elite, while the original post-er said that society wishes to force on us what they think is high class/elite. I was focusing on the money to make my point that even the best performers don't get paid squat. The post-er's theory doesn't follow through.
Also, everyone needs money to survive. I used to think I could live on love, my love for music, and while that's entirely possible, I cannot take that chance. I have others depending on me. No, not kids, but my parents. They trust in me to have a solid means of income, so I can help them out. They completely support me and my music, but I can see where they're coming from. There's plenty of performers out there that have their degrees.

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