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Posted by k_orr, Tue Jul-18-00 07:19 AM
>47% of CPS students are African/African-American
>37$ are Latino
>53 out of 71 high schools
>in the CPS System have
>majority African-American student populations.
>Define majority.

Are we specifically talking about CPS schools, or American schools in general? When we talk about the music programs in the the american education system, most of them are focusing on "classical" music. It is a pretty progressive school to have a jazz band.

The fact that CPS schools teach music from a non-standard "Western Culture is superior" ideology is a departure from the norm. You got lucky, you went to an exception.

It still doesn't address my point though. Which is the vast majority of school music education programs reinforce white is right. The fact that so many folks here argue for it, is only confirmation that it worked pretty damn well.

k. orr