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Topic subjectNo music in schools..WTF?
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23590, No music in schools..WTF?
Posted by colourboy, Fri Jul-14-00 06:39 AM
I mean whats the deal with all these schools takin there music and art programs out of schools or just not ever having them. In my mind I know music changes everything and it indeeds helps everyone in some form or fashion. And for children no matter the age is a wonderful teacher, sometimes I think better than other classes that are given in schools. I'm in Baltimore and harldy zero to no schools have cut the music program or just don't have one so supposibly to pay other teachers more so they can have more and better teachers. They say we have a need for over 400 teachers in our public schools by this September. So again, we will have some non qualified people coming in tryin to teach classes they know nothing about. So with that in mind I'm doing something called THE MOVEMENT and one of our main goals is to put music back in school, and I need your opinions and comments to help go about this and to you know put some ideas in my head. So I can hit em harder. I know this is a problem around the country and thats why I must take part of this. So pleas drop ya comments or whatever here or you can check me at colourboy@blackplanet.com and drop it on me right there. But please drop this on me everyone who cares and loves music. Peace and GOD bless.