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Topic subjectFun and learning (ICE CREAM)
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23587, Fun and learning (ICE CREAM)
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-14-00 03:32 PM
Today we each made a serving of ice cream.
Put the following ingredients in a sandwhich size ziplock bag:
2 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup half and half
(For flavored add chocolate syrup, candy pieces, etc.)
Make sure after it is sealed you squish it around so it mixes together.

Fill a gallon size zip lock bag half full of ice and add a handful of rock salt.

Put the small bag into the large bag, seal, and shake, shake, shake. Believe it or not, in about 5-8 minutes you get ice cream! Less equals milkshake. Be careful: Make sure you rinse the ice cream bag with ice water before you open it ...otherwise salt residue will ruin the taste.

I was great fun on a hot day!

Science project: This will take a week, but it is oddly facinating.
Submerge an egg in vinegar for a few days and see what happens! (The shell becomes soft...like a peeled hard boiled egg...try to squeeze the egg into a bottle without breaking the egg...let the shell reharden...kids will be amazed at how you got an egg into a bottle.) If you need any other crafty projects let me know.

Check out http://www.mentoring.org

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