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Posted by Vet, Thu Jul-13-00 09:22 AM
have them create a collage with images from mags and newspapers about themselves. then they have sit there and explain each image and how it relates to them.

tie-dye (yes it's corny BUT!!! you can talk to them while you do it. it gives you time to just BE with them)

reading hour where the older kids read to the younger kids using props etc

have them write stories together. first person writes a paragraph (3-5 lines) the next person does the same. especially put the older with the younger

for the older kids do "lyric analyzation." you take lyrics from a popular song and make them look at it like a book. (i can give you details on this if you want to do it)

ethnic food day. each person is assigned a country etc and asked to cook something from that region and present a report on it.

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