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Topic subjectRE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
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23578, RE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-12-00 10:19 AM
hey there yourself...ive been spending time working in my garden mostly...gotta work that stress off. of course its hot outside so i just get more stressed but still...yeah i was thinking about the ice skating thing, that could get expensive, unless its cheap to get in...cant exactly remember cause the last time i went i mangaged to connive and cajole my way in for free. i think you can get a group discount tho...how bout taking the kids to the zoo? im more than sure they run group discounts...good day out in the sun...since it is hot we could take em all swimming or something...make a day out of it, most pools are built around parks, do some swimming and picnic-ing...ill be back later if i can think of more...


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