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Topic subjectRE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
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23572, RE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
Posted by paranoiapalmtree, Sun Jul-09-00 06:35 PM
how about a jazz rehersal (if there intrested)historic areas in the respective city the planetarium .movie studio?recording studio?make your own adventure with a camcorder,any type of play or live performancesabsolutly take them to a green house,farm dairy plant or meat plan,t recyling planttake the older ones to an aids wing take them all to a old folks home,have them ineract wih pre k -3rd!show them how rewarding what you do is by hving them do it them selves.the beach for ecological study and polution awarenessany exibit about thier respective nationality's historyhave a nationality pot luck lunch where everyone brings a dish from tier back ground that'll teach them tollorance and love for diversity take them to a collage campus maybe for a lecture or like on open campus week when the hopefull visit. let me think a lil more