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Topic subjectRE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
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23566, RE: Ideas needed for mentoring children
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-07-00 05:29 AM
Thanks to everyone for the ideas so far, they are good! Here goes my list (so far)

Do a play (perform for daycare)

Go to the Museum

Visit a nursing home

Clean up trash in the neighborhood

Go to a concert (Symphony already mentioned)

Go to the Farmers Market

Teach a Hip Hop dance class (I know someone for this)

Depending on Mahagony's friends center we could paint, plant flowers & "decorate" the center. Home Depot has paint (sometimes in odd colors) but on clearance for cheap.

During the school year we (along with our mentoree (sp?) could tutor the younger kids.

Volunteer at a shelter, soup kitchen etc. and not just at Thanksgiving all thoughout the year.

Help the elderly in the community with mowing their yard or just visit.

Have a garage sale at the center (everyone bring clothes they've outgrown, toys or whatever! and take the money we raise and to do something fun! Six Flags, Water Park, have a BBQ
Whatever the kids what to do.

That is all for now. I will be back with more when I talk to my Boss's daughter (age 10) later today.