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Topic subjecti'm goin' through something similar to that
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23550, i'm goin' through something similar to that
Posted by Aja, Wed Jul-26-00 03:06 AM
but right now it involves my family's views on my decision ot keep my hair natural-many of them figured that it was just a trend that i picked up in college that would soon fade once i graduated and went into a corporate workplace-but i really don't want to put anymore relaxer or texturizer in my hair-i love my hair just the way it is, but i feel like i'm the only one having to fend for myself with this issue-it's my folks vs. me-4-0

and to top it all off-ultimately, i do not want a career working in corporate america-but i've gotta make a living right now until i get to where i really wanna be, you know?

my family is starting to make me feel as if i need to do "something with my hair" (which means to relax it or cut it and texturize it) if i want to get a good job-do i really have to do this??