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Topic subjectWelcome to my world!!!
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23542, Welcome to my world!!!
Posted by Tank, Thu Jul-13-00 09:41 AM
I have been shaving my hair off since I was 18, that's 7 years ago now. When I first started doing it I think the only other 'white', (apostophes so KoalaLove doesn't yell), woman shaving her dome was Sinead O'Connor.

Immediately I was labeled a lesbian and to be honest I used to get really frustrated.

Then as the years went by and I got used to the judgements I realised this -

Whatever you think I am you will be wrong.

I no longer care if you think I am a dyke, as that is not an insult to me. Also people are making judgements about peoples heterosexuality all day every day and so why not make a judgement about my so called homosexuality? It only matters who you think I fuck if I am trying to fuck you.

All I know is that having people make repeated judgements on me all the time has really helped me see where my judgements lie with others. Now I can catch myself and not assume things about others, cuz who am I to say who that person is? Everyone is always wrong about me, so I most likely am about them.

(Excuse me if that didn't make a whole heap of sense, or rambled and whirled, it's just that I am having a tough 4th day cigarette free...)



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