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Topic subjectI agree, but.....
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23540, I agree, but.....
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-13-00 01:56 AM
I think the way we wear our hair should "mean" something. It would be easier to tell who is down for what and about what by looking at the way they wear their hair. For instance, I know a sister that colors the tips of her dreads to help put her selve in a certain mood (red/fire/intensity, green/earth/dryness, water/blue/ sensitivity, etc.). However, in this day age a lot of esh is done just for fashion, so therefore you have a lot nuts running around here with versacci-dread's (ya'll seen them) & moshood-perm's. Although, I try to make sure that I know what I am wearing & why, I am guilty of being a kufi-tommy-hillfiger head (sp), at times. I am working on this, and if give permission, I suggest we all try to find out why we do stuff.