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Posted by guest, Fri Jul-07-00 09:27 AM
Personally, I have struggled wit this issue for the last year . . . I converted back to a perm after 4 years of a natural state. . .why??? well basically, I got tired of looking "the same." As a person who needs diversity, I just got tired of that same hairstyle.

But I must admit I feel as if Ive lost some of my "powers" . .. . .anyhoos people shouldnt judge on first impressions b/c as someone said above (cant remember who), usually the most "revolutionary brah or sis" is the most triflin. (this is generalizing I know but oh well. . .and it is just an exaggeration).

Basically dont be quick to judge and to thine own God and self be truth. .eff what everybody else says.

and thats my 2 cents
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