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23536, Hair
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-06-00 08:22 AM
A little over a year ago, I decided to go natural. I always wanted to lock my hair and now I have the opportunity. My friends could not believe it, because I was the supreme relaxer girl. I have done it all to my hair and some folks said I was going through a phase. No phase here!!! But I wrote a poem about my journey....

When I first made the committment, there were plenty of naysayers
"I believe you, but I know you. We'll see."
After a while things began to grow and I remained cool
I was enjoying it so much, people couldn't believe
"Girl, I thought you would have given up by now"
This is important to me
Something that I want to do, it is just natural
Now when times are hard and I am warring with myself.....I can get no encouragement
"Girl, hold on for just a while longer"
"Come on back, be just like us"
"What you can't hang with the real ones?"
Conformity, something I never appreciated
Why can't I do something for me and it be about me?
No trends are being followed
Just dreams being fulfilled
Besides..... it's MY hair.

Copyrighted 2000 by TC Joyner

If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me. ~W.H. Auden