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23535, people need to learn
Posted by Vet, Tue Jun-20-00 10:14 AM
our children need to be taught that the natural state of their hair is beautiful because that's the way God intended it. like me, moms relaxed my hair when i was 9, not because she wanted me to look "white" she was tired of fighting me with and the pressing comb. well y did she use a pressing comb in the first place? mom's didn't know how to deal with all this thick stuff. she didn't care about the naps, she cared about not taking 2 hrs to comb my hair. she didn't know how to work with it and that's where the problem lies.

if you don't know how to take care of it then you're going to do the easiest thing you can. most of the young girls now are being pushed into getting relaxers by THEIR PARENTS not their PEERS. their parents' perceptions are being pushed off on the innocent children. it's a mentality that's spoon fed from generation to generation.

people equate natural to revolutionary because of the "Black Power" Movement. during this time of our history folks went back to the naturals etc as a rebellion to the white establishment and to reclaim their connection to thier innerselves. they wanted to stop the cycle of self hate and show people that being black is beautiful and blessed thing. it seems to me that we are just coming full circle again.

nothing wrong with relaxing your hair or being natural as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. dig?

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