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Topic subjectRE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
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23534, RE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-19-00 02:25 PM
Don't have much to say since a lot has been said already. But to paraphrase Marcus Garvey:

Leave the naps in your hair and get the naps out of your brain.

If you want to rock a perm, cool. Just make sure your doing it for YOU not because momma gonna disown you if you don't.

Blessings beyond...

"Dat was some good shit!"-my girl CoCo

"That sound like brand-new shade"-me

"I think you need to jump back!!!"-my mama

"I don't want no peace. I need equal rights and justice."-Peter Tosh

"Like I really give a shit what you think!"-me

"Hot damn hoe, here we go again."-Lil Kim