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Topic subjectContent of Book??
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23533, Content of Book??
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-19-00 05:30 AM
Always start with Peace:

Speaking for myself, I have decided not to perm my hair any longer because the thought of LYE burning the pores on my scalp (where my brain is located) and seeping in was suspect. When I read about how cancer cold be resulted from trying to have managable hair that was the last straw for me. BUT refinement doesn't stop there...cause that's just the OUTSIDE of the book. For the same reasons I stopped eating meat and dairy (takes 36 hrs to digest one sitting of meat, if your mind is busy concentrating on digestion your body slows down, hence the "itis") I started reading the right books. Stopped kissing the wrong people (cause will he be there ready for the revolution or will he be against it?). Stopped taking aspirin and other pills. Stopped getting vaccines (HIV, Syphillis..history repeats itself). Stop using cell phones (radiation to the brain). Stopped telling ALL my business on the phone and e-mail (airwaves reach right back to the wrong hands, believe it!) A lot of things changed in order for me to be "righteous" and "ready" for myself and the revolution. The BOOK must change all around. Not just on the surface and not just for show to everyone else. Before you get the poison out your hair...get it out of your mind, body and soul! Whats in the inside of your Book??

Beyond_Levels (and ready)

Hip Hop is the heartBEATS of the youth dying to be heard.-me

Its not a black & white thing..its about a HOMELESS people trying to find their home.

Uncle (Sam): We're calling about your outstanding bill. You are behind two months in payment.

Me: I know.

Uncle (Sam): When will you pay us back?

Me: Pay back is a part of the plan.

Uncle (Sam): How will you pay?

Me: Just take it out of the 40 acres and a mule that you owe me.... PLUS the interest!

Even a fol drops jewels...except if your name is Jay Z.- me