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Topic subjectRE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
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23532, RE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
Posted by cynnderela, Mon Jun-12-00 09:04 AM
I've been wearing a natural hairstyle for about 3 someodd years and it hasn't brought me to a level of spritual enlightenment nor is it a proclamation of my heritage. I'm just plain lazy to be perfectly honest. My mom was an ol'skool hairstylist and even though she was at her peak during the Black Power movement, she still lived by the perm and dyed by the perm. And when I was little, she used to have to literally chase me to get that perm in my head - invariable I'd end up crying from that burnin sensation that if you've had it done you never forget. In pictures, I was that little girl on the "Just For Me" box - long silky tresses with the Shirley Temple curls. That was a hard bitch to pull of though, the perming, greasing, curling irons. And it never really got me anything except a handful of compliments from relatives I never see.
And then came the hotcombs when my scalp got too sensitive for the relaxer. That too meant more pain.
Then finally, one day, after I had taken out a nice set of braids and was done washin my hair, I noticed I was now in possession of an Afro. I was a little shocked but I figured "Low key, low maintenance...can't get much better than that." 3 years and 4 inches later I've still got the natural hair, although I'm still trying to get mom's to like it. Now though, I'm getting compliments from people I actually care about.
It's just that I never understood how you could ever call relaxing your hair more manageable - the upkeep is, to me, just not worth the results.
As for weaves and braids, I have nothing against them - I look good with long hair, I just don't feel like dealing with it.
People have their own reasons for doing things and if you keep your hair natural for sociopolitical reasons, more power to ya. as for me, whats one girls statement is another girls convenience.