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Topic subjectHey yo, Bust it.........
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23529, Hey yo, Bust it.........
Posted by incogx, Sat Jun-10-00 03:07 PM
This is a complex issue. You have to look at it from different perspectives. Relaxed hair doesn't always = self hate, but I think that 95% of the time there is a certain psychological element to it. I mean the undeniable truth is that back when relaxers and hot-combs were invented, black folk were trying to look white. That shit is true to life. Moving forward to the 21st century many relaxed sistas don't consciously think they want white hair, but wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too many still do. We've all heard people saying stuff like, "damn, your hair is getting nappy!" as if our hair's natural state is unnatractive. I hate that shit. Black folk don't even realize how psychologicaly damaged we are saying stuff like that. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural haired sista. But at the same time I love my sistas with staight hair too. Some relaxed sistas have themselves together mentally more than the avg natural sista. It's different from person to person. It's not always black and white.

Basically what I'm trying to say with this longwinded post is I think it's effed up when society makes women feel that they "NEED" to relax their hair. If a sista CHOOSES to do that just for the hell of it then its all good. But when yall yall think that you look undesireable with natural hair that shit is wack. You're letting European standards lessen your own self worth.

And another thing, if you have locks, then represent them properly dammit! Study about what's behind dreadlocks. It's much more than a hairstyle or trend. I cut mine off a few years ago because I wasn't representing them in my way of life, but I'm back on point now and I've been growing them back for 2 years now. Do the knowledge on your locks!


"look inside yourself/ your spirit has naps that can't be relaxed" ...Incog