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Topic subjectMY SISTAH, MYSELF
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Posted by nappiness, Sun Jun-11-00 03:15 PM
So, when you say you ain't hurting nobody. i see it like this, before you go to the store to buy a relaxer, to buy a weave, to buy dye or anything else to put in your hair, there is a mental process. you (universal you, i am not singling you out)first say to yourself i don't like me. i don't like my hair. in many cases it is so ingrained in our psyche that 'nappy is bad, short is bad on a woman' but 'long, straight, and silky is good' that we fall for the okeydoke and buy all of this shit to alter all this is 'bad'. let's think about the name of products and how they are advertised 'dark and lovely' the woman on the commercial has long straight black hair swaying back and forth. 'no more tangles', use to have the girl getting her hair combed and then her mom sprays 'no more tangles' in her hair and then she stops crying. we have been conditioned to hate our hair.
there is a children's book called 'nappy hair' by a black author. there was such an uproar about this book among Black folks. Why? b/c we think nappy is a bad thing, we think that nappy makes us inferior. ain't shit wrong with our hair, but b/c we've internalized all that has been told to us we think we are ugly or bad. just like big lips and broad noses, yeah they are big but they are still beautiful. i could color coat it and say full lips, but for what?
many women don't even know how to style, manage, or maintain their hair in its natural state, and that i think is a damn shame.
so, it is my responsibility to dialogue and question sistahs on why they do the things they do to themselves. it ain't to judge, it is to strengthen us as a unit.(sorry for the grammar errors and typos)
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