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Posted by guest, Fri Jun-09-00 09:37 AM
I have worn my hair natural, mostly I slap a weave up in it; but whatever I choose to do, who am I hurting, really? The natural thing is cool for some but I just don't like it for me. Just like a woman with dreads may not like the way she looks with a weave in her hair. It's a personal choice thing. Women and men should stop judging each other based on hairstyles and clothing because it is all just bullshit. We have too many damn problems, starting with violence and drugs for instance, to be so worried about how someone wears their hair! I'm a black woman, I was born a black woman, I love being a black woman and no matter how many weaves I put in my hair, I'm going to remain a black woman. Picture me, in my regular pants and tank top, weave blowing in the wind, standing next to a woman with locks, who is wearing african garb; who is to say that she is blacker than I? No one can say that because it is after all, only a look and we are all beautiful when you really get right down to it. We, as a race, punished because of our differences, should be the last ones to criticize each other over hairstyles and such. Some slaves in the field criticized slaves in the house, but what they failed to realize is that the slave in the house wasn't in a better position, because he was still after all, a slave. Maintaining or zapping naps does not make one person better than another. In the big picture, we are all still in the same boat. We don't want people to stereo-type us, so why the hell are we stereo-typing each other? We need to work more on what's on the inside of a person and embrace outside differences. News flash: Not all women who relax and wear weaves have self-esteem problems. Not all women who relax and wear weaves are ignorant when it comes to knowing who they are. That's mainly a cop-out or a well disguised way some people go about putting someone down because that person chooses to be different. I know who I am, where I came from and how I like to wear my hair. No one knows who I am better than me except God, and I'm quite sure the almighty could care less about what I do or what I don't wear on my head. Let's get over this and start loving each other. This shit is ridiculous. This isn't a personal attack on anyone; just my opinion.;-)

Love ~ Kahoona

"Hatin' is for Satan" ~ Kahoona