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Topic subjecti am enjoying the dialogue
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23517, i am enjoying the dialogue
Posted by nappiness, Thu Jun-08-00 07:12 AM
i don't think there is any comparison btwn. Black folks with locks (no matter if they are store bought or grown w/out assistance) to white Rastas.
i am enjoying the dialogue b/c i see how i use to be in so many of your comments. i attended a predominately white university and in that environment i grew to HATE white people. but also in that environment i came to love my mentor, which is a white woman.
the thing is that, you love each person in your life differently. no matter what, she's still a honky, but i know her beyond the history of institutionalized racism.
i got a lot of slack b/c i was known for being proactive, a revolutionary, and for my activism on/off campus. but you live and learn.
i use to volunteer w/children with Aids, the disabled, and kids with learning disabilities. My heart went out to them and race never was an issue in me showing compassion.
we are human and human nature sometime prevails. we as humans are all longing for the same things, to love, be loved, and to know that someone cares about you. no one can exist alone in this world.
so, the moral of this story goes a little away from the hair issue but underlying the hair issue is the RACE issue.
people, please don't alienate or judge a sistah b/c of her hair. that's a personal journey that you go through w/yourself. and that journey is sacred and personal.
one's hair does not neccesarily take away from what that person has to offer 'the cause' and it doesn't determine where one's heart is in terms of being dedicated to the upward mobility of African people displaced in the u.s.
Nappiness is next to Godliness!!!
"To thy ownself be true"
Ms. Nappiness