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23516, RE: I dunno, about all that
Posted by GirlChild, Thu Jun-08-00 05:42 AM
Now, let me start by saying that I totally agree that nobody should judge you by the way your hair looks. Growing up, just because my hair was long and I had "GOOD HAIR" I was treated wrongly Black girls used to pick on me and call me all types of names, and brothers used to pull my hair to see if it was real and call me an oreo or say I thought I was all that and that I thought I was a white girl. They only thought I would date white boys. It wasn't until I got my first boyfriend, who was black, did they begin to accept me and treat me kind. All that bullshit for my hair. As I went to college my hair became an issue for me because it was so thick and I didn't know how to handle it. I eventually grew out my perm and began to wear it naturally. As I did I began reading and really getting politically active in my enviornment. I came to realize that we as black women end up becoming a slave to that relaxer. Constantly going to the hairdresser to get it blown out or pressed. I think we began to get caught up in appearances. Someone earlier spoke about the originally reason we began to relax our hair. It was to fit in with the white culture. I assimilate and look like them. I can't knock a sis that is preaching consciousness and is rocking a perm, BUT I will question their confidence in themselves. I would question how much they truely love themselves. I also want to comment on those with locks that don't understand their meaning. I want to lock my hair in the future, but at this time in my life, I don't feel that I am spiritually ready for all the responsibilities that come it locks. When you lock your hair, you must understand that you have made a conscious or unconscious decision. You have stated that you are nurturing your heritage and culture. You are embracing the beauty that is black people. It kills me when I see brothers with locks with white girls. I just don't understand how you could be preaching black power, and then be kissing the one that you say is your oppressor? I just feel that when it comes to dreadlocks, don't grow them if you don't know the meaning of them. If you aren't going take the responsibilities that result from them, then don't grow them.
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