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Topic subjectRE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
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23514, RE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-08-00 04:25 AM

I agree.

People worry so much about what others think.
Permed, Nappy...who cares.
My hair is not by far what makes me--ME!

People are going to hate regardless..Whether it's your hair,your size,etc.
People try to come up with solutions for things that will always be.
If its not hair then it will always be something that makes you pre-judge someone. Everyone has done it..Eventhough it doesn't make it right.But it will always be like that...Hater's are everywhere!!

SO perm it..pick it...whatever ya like!!
We are beautiful regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signature...who's reading them anyway?