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Topic subjectRE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
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23513, RE: Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-07-00 03:33 PM
okay, im not sure if any of what ima say has any thing to do w/ what is at hand, (my replies usually go on tangents) but anyway...
my uncle was a black panther, my dad is a pan africanist, and my mom, well she could care less. my biological father is a muslim, and a he is also a pan africanist.

ummmmmmm well most of the time, i wear my hair wrapped up in my scarf, and sometimes in a tam, altho i dont have dreads. my hair is naturally long, and i perm it, ish i have a burgundy dye in it now. my hair makes me no less for "the cause" or the revolution then a sista w/ dreads, or hair that isnt processed. i dont hink my hair has nay thing to do w/ what i want to do in my community or for my ppl.

actually, i dont think ppl are stunned when they see me or shocked, i wont say i blend in, but i dont feel i stand out. ive began to care less about what ppl think of me, it is a waste of my time.

eff a sig.